The DRAWMER M500 is a multifunction signal processor capable of performing the majority of dynamic signal processing tasks required by the professional audio industry. It can simulate the function of compressors, limiters, expanders, gates and has the facility for de-essing, autopanning and fading. Also available are two filter sections which may be assigned either to the de-esser, gate or split-band compressor programmes.
The gate can record real sounds and store up to 16 of these in memory, and then use these to
modify the envelopes of other sounds.

Inputs 2x FXLR,(2 independant channels).
Side Chain on Stereo 1/4"(one for each channel). Ring = send, Tip = return
Key Inputs on 1/4" Jack
Outputs 2xMXLR
MIDI 5-pin DIN. 1x MIDI In/Merge, 1x MIDI Thru, 1x MIDI Out/Merge.
The gate may be triggered by MIDI Note ons, Control changes will control
various levels, and the unit may output MIDI Notes on gate triggering.
Controls The M500 is software driven, and depending on the effect selected the rotary knob, the screen select buttons and the keypad will control all the
functions required.
Memory 128 Memories. Memories (Patches) 51-128 are factory presets with all standard functions and a few more. There are also replications of standard Drawmer products.
Power IEC Connector
Weight 4kg